D1.1 Report on edible materials suitable for sensor applications (Due Date: 12, CO)

D1.2 Report on manufactured bio-inspired sensors and their testing (Due Date: 24, CO)

D1.3 Report on smart electronic reader of biomarkers from oral cavity (Due Date: 24, PU)

D2.1 Report on different designs and performances of microfluidic chips (Due Date: 16, PU)

D2.2 Microfluidic devices as diagnostic tools and substance delivery system (Due Date: 24, CO)

D2.3 New intraoral appliances for oral and systemic theranostics (Due Date: 24, PU)

D3.1 New essential oils samples for application in oral cavity (Due Date: 24, PU)

D3.2 Report on in-vitro tests of essential oils therapeutic effects (Due Date: 24, CO)

D3.3 Report on in-vivo tests combining EOs and microfluidics-based intraoral appliances (Due Date: 24, CO)

D4.1 Reports from networking events (Due Date: 12, PU)

D4.2 Reports on attended conferences (Due Date: 24, PU)

D4.3 Reports on virtual e-learning and e-networking (Due Date: 46, PU)

D5.1 Project website (Due Date: 1, PU)

D5.2 Project social media presence (Due Date: 2, PU)

D5.3 Dissemination and Communication plan (Due Date: 24, PU)

D5.4 List of published papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences (Due Date: 24, PU)

D5.5 Plan for Exploitation of project results (Due Date: 24, CO)

D5.6 Reports on communication and outreach activities (Due Date: 24, PU)

D6.1 Final version of the Consortium Agreement (Due Date: 2, CO)

D6.2 Report on Project management bodies and Ethics approvals (Due Date: 3, CO)

D6.3 Reports on IPR, gender equity and critical risks and mitigation actions (Due Date: 12, PU)

D6.4 Progress report 1 (Due Date: 13, CO)

D6.5 Progress report 2 (Due Date: 37, CO)

D6.6 Mid-term meeting (Due Date: 16, CO)

D6.7 Data Management Plan (Due Date: 6, PU)

D7.1 EPQ – Requirement No. 6 (Due Date: 6, CO)

D7.2 NEC – Requirement No. 9 (Due Date: 1, CO)

D7.3 H – Requirement No. 10 (Due Date: 12, CO)

D7.4 POPD – Requirement No. 11 (Due Date: 1, CO)